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High Pressure Flowmeter ( for Sensitive Measurement)

Model RK1450 Series

This top-grade high-precision area flowmeter is a fruit of KOFLOC's challenge to boost the general perception currently conceived by people of flowmeter of being a "mere yardstick" into a new conception that a flowmeter is a "precision instrument." This flowmeter particulary features its uniquely precision-formed glass tube and ultraprecision ball float


  • Capable of measuring ultra-minute flows
    Can measure a wide range of flows from ultra-minute flows of 0.5-3 ML/MIN to flows of 3-30 L/MIN
  • High precision measurement
    High precision measurement of flows is available up to ±2% of full scale (standard specification) or to ±1% of full scale (optional specification)
  • Wide variations
    A broad range of variation is available in total length, materials of construction, flow rate, pressure, scale, and so forth to meet diverse applications froma a variety of fields
  • Capable of measuring all kinds of gases
    Practically all kinds of gases can be measured, not to mention those standard (Air, N2, O2, H2, He. Ar and CO2).
  • Measurement of water flows also possible
    Measurement of full-scale water flows not exceeding 1 L/MIN is also possible. (Dimensions may vary depending upon the specified maximum flow rate.)


  • For integration into your equipment panel
  • For flow inspections at laboratory
  • For semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • For biotechnology industries


Example of use with Model RK1450


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