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Acrylic Resin Flow Meter

Model RK400 Series

This acrylic resin flow meter covers a wide flow range. Two types, with and without a valve, are available. the flow meter intergral with a transparent acrylic panel permits easy reading, making it deal for water treatment systems, purge systems, and medical equipment


  • A variety of flow ranges
    selection desired flow range froma variety of flow ranges

  • For measurement of water
    Long flow scales, easy reading of flow, and easy maintenance

  • Low Price
    Simple Structure and low price
  • Quick Delivery

Standard Specifications

Fuilds   Water
Flow Range  4-50 cc/min
10-120 cc/min
25-225 cc/min
40-400 cc/min
50-650 cc/min
100-1,500 cc/min
200-3,000 cc/min
300-3,700 cc/min  
Accuracy  FS ±6% 
Connection Rc 1/4  
Material Body  Acrylic Resin 
Joint  Stainless Steel
Sealing Material  NFKM
Proof Pressure 0.7MPa 
Temperature Resistance  65°C (MAX)




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