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Acrylic Resin Flow Meter

Model RK200 Series

This is a compact lighweight acrylic flow meter. Models with or without a valve are available. The integrated transparent acrylic panel structure permits easy reading of the flow. This model is ideal for air sampling equipment, medical equipment, and analyzers.


  • Compact design
    The total length is approx. 100mm, and air can be measured and controlled at the rate of 100 L/MIN

  • Low price
    The simple structure keeps the price low

  • Quick Delivery

Standard Specifications

Fuilds   Air
Flow Range  0.04 -0.5 L/MIN
0.1 - 1 L/MIN
0.4 - 5L/MIN
1 - 10 L/MIN
2.5 - 25 L/MIN
5-50 L/MIN
10 - 100 L/MIN  
Accuracy  FS ±6% 
Connection Rc 1/4  
Material Body  Acrylic Resin 
Joint  Brass 
Sealing Material  NBR 
Proof Pressure 0.7MPa 
Temperature Resistance  65°C (MAX)




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