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Flow Meter for Gas Mxing

Model RK120XM Series

The flow meter for gas mixing uses a KOFLOC multiple flow meter to mix multicomponent fluids. Connection of pipes to respective gas inlets and the mixed gas outlet permit gases to be mixed. This flow meter is ideal for easy gas mixing in laboratories and studies.



  • The simple structure facilitates maintenance
  • The precision needle valve allows easy, fine control of flow
  • All the parts are super-cleaned to ensure excellent cleanliness
  • The flow meter is mage into two - to - four - compenonet typers to handle various gases in various flow ranges

Standard Specifications

Fuilds   Air, N2, O2, H2, He, Ar, CO2 (Calibration with actual gas)
For other gases, please consult us regarding conversion conditions or calibration with the actual gas to be used. 
Flow Range  From 5-50 ML/MIN to 1-10 L/MIN
10L/MIN or less per line and 20L/MIN or less in total
(Refer to the Capacity Table on page 55.)  
Accuracy  FS ±2% (Measurement point)
*Optional: FS ±1% (Measurement point) 
Proof pressure  0.5MPa 
Available scale  10:1 *Optional 20:1 
Material SS  BS 
Body block  SUS316 Brass 
Tapered tube  Pyrex®, glass 
Packing  FKM - Option (1)  NBR 
Float  Pyrex, SUS316, glass 
Protective cover  Acrylic resin 
Temperature resistance  MAX60°C 
Connection  Rc 1/4 (Standard), RC 1/8 (Optional) 
* Option (1): Fluorocarbon resin, Kalrez, Perfluoro, etc.



Plants: image 1 Note: Specify the flow rates in increasing order form the left, as many as the number of glass tubes for (4), (5), (6), and (7).
* Refer to "Ordering" and "Illustative example" when placing an order or requesting a quotation. Fill in the blanks in the "Order/Quotation Request Card" at the end of he catalog, and send the card by fax.
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