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Large Capacity Flow Meter

Model RK1950AP Series

Amber tapered tube with secure structure

Treaded Type                               Flange Type


  • Float receiver functions also as a joint, for secure piping
  • The block tapered tube has an O-ring seal
  • The integral housing protects the tapered tube
  • The tapered tube made of engineering plastic is impact-resistant

Standard Specifications

Accuracy  ±2%F.S
Max. Operating temperature 20°C
Max. Operating pressure 1 MPa for 40 A or less 0.8 MPa for 50 A or more
Direction of flow Bottom → Top
Coating Finish color: Gray (Close to Munsell N - 6.5)
Epoxy powder baking
Connection Standard JIS 10K-RF 10A-100A
RC female thread 3/8 - 1 inch
Flange only
Part name Material
Float receiver SUS304
O-ring NBR
Tapered tube Polysulfone resin (Transparent amber)
Housing Ductile cast iron: FCD400
Rod SUS304
Float SUS304
Bore For Water For Air
10A 1.5-10L/min 120-400L/min
15A 1.5-15L/min 120-500L/min
20A 1.5-30L/min 0.12-1m³/min
25A 9-100L/min 0.35-3.5m³/min
32A 60-150L/min 2.5-6m³/min
40A 90-200L/min 3-7m³/min
50A 80-300LL/min 3-10m³/min
65A 250-500L/min 9-18m³/min
80A 250-500L/min 9-18m³/min
100A 400-900L/min 15-30m³/min



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