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Cat.  No. No.7210-00, Range :- -15/+40°C (Quartz type) 
No.7211-00, Range :- -10/+50°C (Quartz type)
No.7215-00 ( Spring-wound type )
Model  NSII-Q (Quartz type), NSII-S (Spring-wound type) 
Clock Quartz :  - 1-day, 7-days and 32-days by change over switch 
Battery  2pcs of “C” (1.5V) 
Sensors  Aged bimetalic strip for temperature; 
Human hair bundle for R.H.
Measuring range  -10to50°C & 0to100% OR -15to40°C & 0to100% 
Accuracy  1°C for temperature; 3% for R.H. 
Chart graduation  1°C for temperature; 1% for R.H. 
Dimensions  336(W) x 148(D) x 295(H) mm 
Weight  Approx. 3.1kg(Quartz); Approx. 3.5kg(Spring) 
Accessories  7-days chart(55 sheets) for 1-year use, Cartridge 
pen-voilet(2pcs); Battery “C” cell(2pcs); Manual


  • 1-day chart (400 sheets/pad)
  • 7-days chart (55 sheets/pad)
  • 32-days chart (55 sheets/pad)
  • Spare cartridge pen (red)
  • Spare cartridge pen (voilet)
  • Axial AC Fan

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